Bright Local LPDC

Meeting Dates
Nov. 7 - WHS 3:30pm 
Dec. 5 - BES 3:30pm
Jan. 9 - WHS 3:30pm

Feb. 6 - BES 3:30pm
Mar. 6 - WHS 3:30pm
Apr. 3 - BES 3:30pm
May 1 -  BES 3:30pm

(If Needed) Jun. 3 OLD Y 3:30pm

These are the dates and times for LPDC for the rest of the year. If you need to renew your certificate, please make plans to attend one of these meetings. Let any of the LPDC members know, if you need help getting your paperwork ready.

Whitney Gobin - President
Julie Greene - Secretary
Tami Ellis-Wessner
Brian Ruckel
Mike Bick


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Bright Local IPDP