Superintendent's Message

Ted Downing

From the desk of Ted C. Downing, Superintendent of Bright Local Schools.

Hello, my name is Ted C. Downing and I am the Superintendent of Bright Local Schools.  I want to welcome everyone back to the 2016-2017 school year.  I am very excited about the upcoming school year for Bright Local.  

We have a lot of new changes this year.  We have new principals at both buildings: Mike Bick at the Bright Elementary and Brian Ruckel at the Whiteoak Jr./Sr. High School. They bring a vast amount of experience and leadership to our district.  Academics is our primary focus, but both Mr. Bick and Mr. Ruckel are also strong disciplinarians.  

We are very excited about the new programs at the Jr./Sr. High School.  We have added new classes and we have a new iPad program, which will bring our students into the 21st century in technology.  Technology is the future, and the future is here now.  We're excited that we are able to provide this for our students.  

We have also put LED lighting in both buildings.  The lighting will give students a better atmosphere for learning.  With the savings on the new LED project, we were able to air condition the rest of the classrooms in the high school including the gym.  

Our primary goal is to continue to improve communication with our parents and the community.  We have an open door policy.  We are looking forward to working with your students, and again we are very excited about the 2016-2017 school year.

Go Cats!

Ted C. Downing



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